Ototo opened their design studio together in 2004. OTOTO, which in Hebrew means, "any minute now", with the understanding that something new and exciting can happen at any given moment. Ototo started to develop products in small scale production, manufacturing each one by hand, in old ceramics factory. Today the studio is located in Tel Aviv, and the product line – now constantly growing, mass-produced and distributed the world over – includes functional household products with a humoristic and unexpected twist. The studio's unique products can now be found in museums, art galleries and in home design stores.

  • Nessie Ladle

    Verjeli ali ne, iz globine lonca prihaja Nessie!

  • Mamma Nessie

    Mamma Nessie je večja različica originalne zajemalke Nessie, le da ima perforirano žlico, ki omogoča, da deluje kot mini-cedilo

  • Tea Sub

    Tea-Sub bo vaše čajne liste potopil na dno skodelice in ustvaril popolno mešanico vašega najljubšega čaja.

  • Baby Nessie

    Pripravite se na legendarno čajno pavzo!