dESIGNoBJECT was founded in 1991 by a group of young people led by Giorgio Marchetto. Its production, made ​​in Italy, refers to a concept of minimalist design with clean rigorous lines, recalling in particular the objects of Nordic area. In our research, we always started from the awareness that we live in a overflowing world with too much objects, often useless that does not coincide with our real needs. What we mostly care about is get out of the platitude market that definitely needs an continuously innovative production. Our philosophy is to create products that first of all is convincing us, not in their business, but especially in their intrinsic value: for their design, for their beauty or originality, that they deserve to be created based on the amalgamation of diversity and simplicity respectively usefulness required by our clients.

  • Stylux Wall Lamp

    Predmeti, ki jih izbiramo za naše domove bi morali biti kar se da najboljši.