blagovne znamke

Black&Blum je angleško-švicarsko družabništvo, ki sta ga ustanovila Dan Black in Martin Blum leta 1998 v Londonu. Black & Blum sta sprva tržila le oblikovalsko svetovanje, sčasoma pa sta začela oblikovati svoje izdelke. Danes tržita vrsto kreativnih produktov, ki so bili nagrajeni z večimi oblikovalskimi nagradami in ki jih je moč najti v skrbno izbranih trgovinah po celem svetu.
Pri oblikovanju Black & Blum poskušata vsakemu izdelku podariti dušo in značaj, kajti njun namen je izdelati izdelke, ki so funkcionalni, očarljivi in duhoviti.

  • Brrrrr Ice Tray

    Polarni medved, ki živi v vašem zmrzovalniku.....kako kul je to?

  • Charcoal Filter

    Aktivno oglje Bincotan za stekleničko Eau Good. Oglje lahko v steklenički uporabljamo 6 mesecev.

  • Box Appetit

    Box Appetit je nova, revolucionarna posoda za kosilo.


Three years ago a group of 5 friends all with different skill sets, came together over a mutual passion for cycling. Living in Stockholm, a very bicycle-orientated city, cycling is our main form of transport and we believe it is absolutely the best way to get around the city (and beat traffic). In amongst our comings and goings we saw a need for urban bike accessories with a twist so we decided to combine function with style and design and create Bookman. Our inspiration comes from the humming bike life we see in urban Europe where it is evident that getting on a bike is not reason enough to disregard dressing well. Our goal is to inspire more of you style-conscious people to see that traveling in the saddle can be a way of life that combines style, convenience, design and fun.

Design Letters is a Danish Design Company which in only a few years has achieved great international success. First in 2009 by launching a radically different type of wooden letters for wall decoration, and then in 2011 by introducing a design series with a typography hand drawn in 1937 by the world renowned Danish Architect Arne Jacobsen. It is with great excitement that we now introduce our new sub brand Design Letters & Friends: A stylish and functional collection designed to suit our graphic product range perfectly.

  • Design Letters

    Lesene črke Design Letters so narejene v fontu, ki ga je leta 1937 ustvaril svetovno znani danski arhitekt Arne Jacobsen za mes


DOIY is creativity, surprise, passion and excitement, a lot of excitement. DOIY is design. Design to share, to smile, to surprise and, above all, design for all. DOIY is a young brand which creates quality products, at very affordable prices. DOIY is a brand where people can acquire, or share, original, different and perfectly-designed objects. Objects that bring cheer to your day. DOIY wraps us in a very optimistic world using iconic creations focused on curious gifts and home accessories. Its creations always tell us a story. A story that can be poetic, nostalgic, ironic…but that will never leave us cold. DOIY was created in 2008 by Elodie and Jaime, two young entrepreneurs. Their background in fashion and design, coupled with their passion  and enthusiasm for  creativity, has allowed DOIY to grow quickly and globally.