• Lunch Pot

    This cleverly designed set makes it easy to transport soups, pasta, or other food.

  • Box Appetit

    A revolutionary new lunch box. More like a ceramic bowl than your standard food container and with better functionality.

  • Frozen Smiles

    All of a sudden, dentures aren't just for Grandpa anymore!

  • Lid Sid

    Letting off steam!

  • Karoto

    Peel, sharpen & curl ribbons of carrots, zucchini, cucumbers and

  • HYBRID - Cecilia

    Bring unique style to any setting with this fabulously original Cecilia soup bowl from the Hybrid collection by Seletti.

  • Platawa for Kitchen

    Platawa is designed and manufactured in Japan and is an extremely handy little kitchen utensil.

  • Brrrrr Ice Tray

    A polar bear that lives in your freezer...how cool is that? Simple to


    Shine Some light onto your Breakfast table with this silicon egg shaper that will make your plate a work of art!

  • Leis Kitchen Set

    The set consists of 3 pieces: spoon, fork and spatula.

  • Leis Salad Set

    A set of two forks for preparing and serving salad.


    The Equa Squeeze collection is a line of fashionable and convenient glass water bottles, perfect for urban, active and energeti

  • Fixie Pizza Cutter

    This miniature two-wheeled wonder effortlessly navigates through poorly parked pepperoni, around deep puddles of chilli oil and

  • Bar - Tumbler Glasses

    Perfect for gifting or simply enjoying at home, these handmade tumblers of classic design are a delight to use, suitable for al

  • Lotta - Set of Decanter & Ash Base

    Designed by renowned designer Monika Lubkowska-Jonas, this unique handmade glass decanter set nestles inside a wooden base fash


    Douglas is very protective of kitchen utensils, ensuring that they don't disappear into the soup or make a mess while lyin


    Farfalle shaped silicone for gripping hot handles in the kitchen.


    The new Sauria cake stands from Seletti is the perfect blend of practicality and humour.