ICON Refill for Car Air Freshener


Once your ICON Car Air Freshener starts to lose it's power and you're in need of a fresh new fragrance in your car you can choose to get yourself a refill instead of buying the whole Air Freshener again.

Two practical refills (two pieces + a clip) inside each package; to enojoy your favourite car scent for a longer time. You can choose among four fragrances:

- Orange Tea: Fruity citrus note enriched by the perfume of tea leaves from Madagascar.
- Oxygen: Fresh note of pine spines and lemon peels.
- Pompelmo: Citrus note of sicilian grapefruit peels.
- Silver Spirit: Poudre wood and musk note, embellished from the fuzziness of the citrus.
- Sandalo Bergamotto: Woody santalwood note with an inspiration of citrus and lavender.
- Legni & Spezie: Woody note of santalwood with a sparkling top note of lavender and bitter orange.

Michele Venisti