Mamma Nessie


Mamma Nessie is a larger version of Nessie, the original ladle, with a perforated spoon that allows it to function as a mini-colander. Like the baby Nessie, you can use it to stir that pot of vegetable you have cooking on the pot, except the perforations also allow you to drain the liquids when you pull out a serving after everything’s done. No need to transfer boiled food items to a separate bowl for draining – just scoop them out, drain the water back into the pot, and it’s ready to serve.
Mama Nessie also has four stubby feet that it can use to stand on the pot and peek over the edge, looking like a mythical sea monster swimming in your soup. Those same feet allow it to stand on other flat surfaces, like the kitchen countertop, the dining table, or the shelf where you’re going to keep it on display on the nights you’re having food delivered. It measures 29 x 12 x 11 cm, making it perfect for cooking meals large enough to feed your own family of monsters. Construction is BPA-free toughened nylon.