Leis Salad Set


A set of two forks for preparing and serving salad. Like the kitchen utensil set, the salad set also features an integrated magnet for easy storage on any metal surface. The curved shape prevents the worktop from getting dirty while making the utensils easy to use.

User-friendly features for smart cooks:

- the lifted tip prevents smearing your kitchen counter,
- integrated magnets enable easy storage on all metal surfaces,
- the curved shape enables easy handling,
- antibacterial,
- sustainable.

Leis is contemporary design, combined with long-established craftsmanship. At Leis they aim to revive the centuries’ old tradition of Slovenian craftsmanship with distinctively designed, user- and nature-friendly wooden products. Handmade in Slovenia of locally sourced beech wood. Leis is a modern take on traditional woodcraft called ‘suha roba’, born in Slovenia amidst one of Europe’s most forested areas. Combining contemporary design and long-established handcrafting skills, we purpose to manufacture appealing, user-friendly, well-designed products made strictly of local-sourced beech. Designed in Slovenia for people with good taste.

Dimensions: 35 x 8 x 8 cm