Tykho 2 Radio


The Tykho 2 Radio by French designer Marc Berthier is a style icon and a perfect example that form and functionality can work harmoniously together. Entirely encased in an silicone cover, it is splash-proof allowing you to use it in the shower, in the kitchen or as outdoor radio by the pool, even at the beach. The rotating antenna doubles as station tuner for frequency search. From the Lexon range the Tykho radio has won the most design awards. It is part of the New York MoMa permanent collection and chosen by the Pompidou Centre Paris as one of only 2 objects which signify the 1985 - 2000 period.

AM/FM rechargeable radio
Can used with wet hands
Frequency search by rotating antenna
Electronic volume
Speaker 3W
Powered by : Rechargeable battery on USB plug
Size (cm) : 14 x 4 x 8 cm
Material : silicon rubber

Marc Berthier