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  • Leis Kitchen Set

    The set consists of 3 pieces: spoon, fork and spatula.


    Le dd is the key to open the door of freedom; feel free, feel comfortable, feel barefoot at every moment of your day. Wearing L

  • Bookman Bike Whistle

    The Bookman Bike Whistle is a collaboration with the world famous whistle manufacturer Acme Whistles, established in 1870 in Bi

  • Tea Sub

    The Tea-Sub submerges tea leaves to the bottom of your cup creating the perfect infusion of your favorite brew.

  • Basic Corkscrew

    With a fondness for reinterpreting traditional products, the designer Simon Legald has taken the well-known wine accessories as

  • Buddy Hooks

    Hooks that add a lot of character to your room - these buddies seem to climb up the wall!

  • Dot Flower Crayon

    Dot Flower Crayons emulate the beauty of the natural world.

  • IF Bags

    IF bags, made in Italy out of ecological leather, are available in a range of striking colors.

  • Circa Jewelry Organizer

    A multi-functional accessories holder with ring pillow that doubles as a bracelet or watch organizer.

  • Heima 4-Armed Candlestick

    Heima features a recognizable design and pays tribute to industrial craftsmanship and to the Nordic traditions.

  • Fine Card Box

    Fine card box is a unique business card holder with round mirror by French brand Lexon.

  • Whiskey Stones

    Whiskey Stones are a great alternative to ice.