Yari Desktop Lamp


Yary is a LED-desktop lamp, with a USB port to recharge smartphones and other small devices.

The light beam and intensity are adjustable. The LED’S are placed in an extruded aluminum tube that can be turned by 120°. The ABS base with a rubber finish is also a useful supporting surface.

Yari has been designed so that it can be flattened in its box and the LED tube can be rotated, thus simplifying the distribution and transportation. This lamp combines quality of light and usability. Thanks to the accurate selection of the materials, finishes and technologies, Valentina & SimoneSpalvieri. have succeeded in creating an extraordinary and cost-effective object.

- Desktop Lamp
- 30 LED orientable light
- 2 LED intensities
- USB plug on base to recharge small USB devices (smartphone, MP3...)
- Sensor On/off
- Lifetime : 30 000 hours
- Color temperature: 4000-4500 k
- Power supply: on AC adaptator included

Material: rubber ABS / Aluminium
Dimensions: 55.2 x 40 cm

Valentina Del Ciotto & Simone Spalvieri