Divina Proportione Lampshade


The triangle, the perfect underpinning to our entire constructed world. Recasting these essential forms in a contemporary homage to da Vinci's Renaissance geometries, Italian designer Vito Cappellari's Divina Proportione lighting series for dESIGNoBJECT play shapes off each other, using squares, equilateral triangles, and isosceles triangles to reveal new geometrical configurations with each cast of a shadow. Welded by hand, the Divina Proportione's glow brings a new light to centuries-old mathematical understanding.

Technical information:
E27 socket. Included lightbulb: Paulmann E27 low-energy bulb, 10W. Avg. bulb lifespan: 1000 h. Not dimmable.
Ceiling rose and lightbulb included.

Dimensions: L: 74 cm W: 35 cm H: 25 cm

Vito Cappellari