Fundamental Berlin

Fundamental Berlin

Furniture and Homewares inspired by the Mathematics of Nature What does that mean? It means we look at patterns and forms that occur in the natural world; we adapt and play with them as a starting point for all of our designs. Those patterns and principles breathe through our products, bringing them to life, revealing themselves slowly. Almost all of what we make relies on the user to give it the final touch, to make it his or her own. We work with natural materials such as European oak, Douglas Fir, pure sheet metals, as well as some surprising new materials and processes.

  • Dürer Photo Frame

    A stunning metal photo frame with a grid pattern developed on a theme by Albrecht Dürer.

  • Raute Photo Frame

    The grid on this picture frame is a variation on the flag of the German state of Bavaria, but we rotated it and warped the grid

  • Triangle Photo Frame

    Gives small pictures more greatness. Glass with hardboard backing to the frame.

  • Push Solo

    PUSH SOLO is a unique little bowl that brings the magic of mathematics into everyday life and fuses precision manufacturing wit

  • Regenbogen Ashtray & Vase Set

    This wonderful set consists of a heavy, lead crystal ashtray and a vase, both treated with an iridescent film that creates a re